Instead of preparing a a single article to introduce Pizza KATA, I thought to create a series of articles on linkedin, focusing on a single attribute of the game for each post.

The series started in March 2021 as a weekly appointment for the next 3 months.

Here the list of articles:

Episode 1: Why a new pizza kanban game (link)

Episode 2: main attributes and goals (link)

Episode 3: the menu (link)

Episode 4: game components (link)

Episode 5: process and measures (link)

Episode 6: miniboards 1 – receiving orders and prepare ingredients (link)

Episode 7: miniboards 2 – preparing and cooking pizzas (link)

Episode 8: miniboards 3 – serving and boxing orders (link)

Episode 9: Structure of orders (link)

Episode 10: Session for one team (link)

Episode 11: Session for multiple teams (link)

Episode 12: Conclusion (link)