Pizza KATA

Pizza chef

“Hello, may I have 2 Margherita and 2 Napoli?”

1 minute later: “Hello, may have 3 Focaccia , 1 with ham, and two margherita double mozzarella?”

1 minute later “Hello, may I have 2 Napoli and 2 Carrettiera extra salami well done?

and so on, till the end of the night

This is the life in a pizza take away shop, where orders arrive every minute and you must

  • prepare the ingredients
  • prepare the dough in a crust
  • add the ingredients to the crust
  • cook the pizzas in the oven
  • box the pizzas and delivery them

What can we do to make life easier for our pizza makers?
Maybe we can start measuring variables such as

  • type of orders
  • most common pizzas and ingredients
  • time to prepare a pizza, but also
  • time between reception and delivery
  • how many pizzas we can process in the same moment

This essentially means adopting a lean approach to the production, and measure what you think could help to identify way of improving your activities.

Pizza KATA (where KATA stands for “KAnban TakeAway) is a serious game where you can combine a fast paced real time card game with all metrics normally adopted in kanban such as a visualise the flow, time measure, tickets, timers,…

Each pack can be used by a single team of 3 to 6 players, with roles and challenging activities. You can easily use the material of the game to scale to many teams in competitive or collaborative mode, so you can create workshops up to 30 people with a single facilitator (with more facilitators the game can further scale).

The game is articulated in different “days” where every team try to improve their performance and increase performance and predictability of the activities. In fact the term “kata” (Japanese word for “model”) is also adopted in martial arts with the philosophy of practice to perfection.

In the pack you can find also material to track and measure activities, so in the retrospective (between two days) you have numbers to understand the impact of the decision taken by the team.



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