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We are leaving in the world of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), where processes and products must be adaptive. Leaders of the business functions of the same company, are in charge to deliver different business component through PDCA cycles. But things not always are working fine across a large company when there are some known anti-patterns related to a siloed structure: secrecy and isolation in particular.

If your company is struggling with ideas such as, innovation, collaboration, learning, and synchronisation this is your game. The PDCA cycle made popular by Deming in the ’50s, describes how scientific method can be applied to company processes and is strongly connected to lean and agile principles. It is known with different names and also the PDCA acronym has different version: my favourite is Plan, Do Check and Adjust.

“PDCA elements” is a game to simulate the difficulties emerging in organisations when they are scaling and entering in high competitive and dynamic markets. Every match (~15‟) happens in 8 rounds and there is a competitive version (to be used as a warm up) and a collaborative version (the true essence of the game) where you use the PDCA cycle to activate business components of your company in the most effective way.

The basic version of the game can be used with 12 players, normally leaders of the different Business Unit; however the mechanic can easily scale to 100 and more people. So this game can also be used as a perfect ice-breaker with large audience.

The game is available on DriveThruCards portal at discounted price (LINK).

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