The Agile Mind

We often have been joining talks and conferences about the “Values>Principles>Practices” chain or maybe about “DO agile vs BE agile” or Dan Pink’s motivators…
All of these ideas are around the concept of “Agile Mindset”, but how can we to make this mindset growing across our teams?

This serious game has been designed to bring to life the Agile Mindset and to help teams understanding how the mindset is different from a practice (easy stuff) and why practices and tools are just the basic steps of the journey to become an high performing team (difficult stuff).

The Agile Mind is articulated in 3 levels (Values,Principles, Practices & Tools) and is based on 6 influencers. Influencers are used to “develop” items of the 3 levels and cumulate points related to the level of mindset.

The game is for 2 to 6 players, but can be played also in teams, so it can scale easily to 20+ people.

The package is a print & play game and has all required materials:

  • 108 custom poker cards of the main deck with 18 Values, 36 Principles and 54 Practices & Tool
  • 54 influencers by mini-card or hexagonal tokens
  • 18 objectives with 3 different “end of games conditions” of different lengths and intermediate goals

In the package you can find also the “calendar” variant, to add also cadenced challenges related to events in the real life of an agile team.
Also you can find all material to create an introduction online version of the game, focused on Values and Influencers (you can find a specific facilitation guide).

The game is completed and I am receiving feedback from all player groups using it, so it is evolving.
You can enter in the test group, with the opportunity to access the full game when this will be completed.


This online version of the game has been presented at Agile Tour London 2021 and IAD21.


If you want to buy and download the PnP version of the game you can go to the DriveThroughCards portal.

(click the above image, or here)

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