Support your Squads


As new Agile coach you are assigned to 5 squads that are in the middle of their journey to adopt agile.
You have to
gain their Trust and increase their Motivation by investing your Time and your Portfolio of skills and tools to create a culture of Collaboration, Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.
You have 6 months (12 sprints) to make this happen, while squads are facing Antipatterns and eventually Disruptions.

If the above scenario sounds familiar, this is your game. In fact Agile SyS is a solo serious game to simulate the difficulties in the journey to agility for a small team of teams and provide a list of possible solutions that could help the coach (here called “The Agent”, aka “agent of change”) to gain the trust of teams (here called “Squads”) he is working with.
Main goal of the Agent is to achieve highest level of trusts with squads while improving skills and tools that help also to face common wrong behaviours happening in squads. Time is the “money” of the game: player is often in the position not to have enough time to gain skills and tools, time to spend in actions, or time to achieve results, because the game ends in 12 rounds.

Agile Sys, has been designed in lockdown time for one player, however you can merge 2 or more decks and play the game with other Agents. This configuration is ideal to understand scaling in large organisation where different coaches are working together in the same program or business function.


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