TDD Poker

The Delivery Deck

Agile Delivery Process

This is a planning poker deck of cards, mainly based on the Fibonacci sequence, that agile teams use during the estimation workshops.

This deck however is unique for different reasons

  • Every set is based on 9 cards, each set (for a single member) is on a single page so it can be easily escalated
  • The Fibonacci sequence is the real one with “infinite” (cannot estimate) and a multi-purpose card “cup” to let people stop the estimation process for many different reason (coffee break?)
  • The same cards include also T-shirt sizing (simply upside-down the card)
  • Every card has its own agile quote with related author, so you can use as motivation or retrospective deck
  • The cards are standard poker cards so you can use common sleeves to protect them after printing them (DIY!)
  • The deck is for 12 players in 108 cards, that is exactly the standard poker double deck, every player has its own colour and icon
  • The “astrology” theme of this deck reminds you that an estimation is always a guess


If you want to download the PnP version of the deck you can go to

DTT logo

(click the above image, or here)

Finally, if interested you can ask for a dedicated deck, simply providing the logo of the Team.