Building the Dark Star

Our Emperor asked for new ways to spread the terror through the sectors. He engaged the best scientists in the galaxy to design the definitive weapon to defeat the Rebellion: a massive Orbital Station … the Dark Star.
6 Koenigs have 6 cycles to build the station while the galaxy is on fire and a riddle of unpredictable events
influences the strategy to follow.

If the above scenario sounds familiar and you are an agilist, this is your game. In fact DSbuilders is a team based, cooperative, serious game on scaling agile teams across organisation. The game is played by 6 teams, each of them with 1 to 6 players (ideally from 6 to ~40 people). The game is based on the assumption all players have basic knowledge of Agile and Scrum, and a facilitator, like an experienced Agile Coach (or similar), is available.

This game has been presented at Agile Tour London 2020, XP 2021, FunConf 2021.


If you want to buy and download the PnP version of the game you can go to the DriveThroughCards portal.

(click the above image, orĀ here)

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