I was reading about my last article in Ludogogy and I have found some information on how to create the best gaming experience in this article.

Extract from the article

According to David Perkins (a professor of Teaching & Learning at Harvard Graduate school of Education) for a learning experience to be effective & objective, we should apply some points within it:

  1. Learners must be deeply engaged with the subject matter
  2. Learners must undertake intellectual challenges
  3. Learners should have a room to take learning risks
  4. Learners must face a margin of failure
  5. Learners must have the ability to fail & bounce back
  6. Learners’ sense of curiosity must be increased


different mechanics that make up for a full learning experience:

  • Narrative/Theme
  • Epic meaning
  • Identity play
  • Strategy
  • Progression system

Game Mechanincs

A story is a motherlode of mechanics that are all inter-related. There is no single mechanic that is developed separately from another in a story (if built righteously), since they are all interconnected and any change in one will have an impact on all others.